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Jungle D&B DJ since 1992

R-Hawk is a Bristol based DJ with more than 25 years behind the decks.

First, learning to play at home in the early 90's, he shortly landed a regular spot at the UFO Club, held at the Longleat Estate near Warminster, as an opening set in '95. The UFO Club was known for having big acts roll through; from Grooverider and Jumping Jack Frost, to other acts, like Carl Cox and Eat Static.

Moving to Sheffield in '96, he continued playing regular shows, starting with the Corporation night club from '99 to '00, and played at various club parties, like Thekla, Lakota, opening for The Insiders at TimBuk2, and more recently, parties at Western Lore, Dissonance, and Optimystic & Friends.

R-Hawk's been playing on internet radio for around 5 years; his first few shows on GlobalDnB.com in '15, and then with OnlyOldSkoolRadio.com, where he's maintained a weekly show since '18.

He's also part of the crew for a Facebook Group called, "The Junglist_list" or TJL for short, which is collective mix of EDM, embracing the sounds of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Acid, Techno, House, and more.

R-Hawk's selection preferences range from works originating in '92, all the way to present day, and with that much range, you can look forward to hearing sounds that will take your body and soul on a heavy journey.

Tune in and catch R-Hawk's Sunday show "Xpresha" at 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT / 09:00 EST every 2 weeks on jungletrain.net.

Recent Live gigs:

x The Jungle_List - Pressure #1 - London - 31 Aug 2018
x Western Lore @ Intrinzic x Balter Festival - Bristol - 05 Oct 2018

x Dissonance #3 - Bristol - 12 Jul 2019

x Optimystic & Friends - Bristol - 09 Nov 2019

2020 Lockdown gigs:

x Dissonance Streaming Session 1 - 22 May 2020

x Dissonance Streaming Session 2 - 11 Jul 2020

For bookings, please email dj.r.hawk@gmail.com



Jungle D&B DJ since 1992